Gethsemane Hermitage group


“We care for your life as much as you do”

We started as an International tour operator, it is a team of potential professional tour operator / International Tourism provider. We are the team of professionals promoting a stress free and relaxing holiday. We have been able to clarified all the expectations of tourist who choose Gethsemane Hermitage for a holiday. Gethsemane started its own SCHOOL OF YOGA AND WELLNESS and we have our own beautiful relaxation centre on God’s own country. Our resort is standing in the beauty of lake which let you to enjoy the beauty of Kerala. Gethsemane Hermitage group also focuses on social welfare schemes and awarded by both the State and Central Government for excellency. Gethsemane Hermitage is a group who highly focuses on caring you as a child.

“You are not a child but you loved to be a child; Gethsemane never forget to care you as a child”.

Be born as a child once again and get pampered with Gethsemane Hermitage group.

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Goa Tour Package- 6D-5N
Kerala Tour Package
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